Swim With Us!

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Try Mermaiding!

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a real mermaid?  Join us for an experience like no other!  Our Mermaid 101 class is conducted by certified Mermaid Instructors who can't wait to show you how much fun and how easy it is to safely become a mermaid.

Our Mermaid 101 course is taught at Deerfield Beach Aquatic Center right here in Deerfield Beach!  In your 1.5 hour course, you'll learn how to safely swim in a mermaid tail, and learn how to perform super mermazing tricks!  Each participant is required to have their own mask or swim goggles - Mermaid tails are included in your course cost. 

Swim on down with us and let's have a BLAST!

*Each participant will be required to complete a liability waiver and a medical clearance questionnaire prior to participation.  

* Participants are required to successfully pass a swim evaluation consisting of a 45 foot unassisted swim and a 2 minute tread or float.


Mermaid Meet Up

It's way more fun when all the mermaids come out to play!  Are you a mermaid looking to meet other mers?  Join us in our Mermaid Meetups!  Learn new tricks, share tips and make new friends - it's a fun and healthy way to socialize with other mermaid enthusiasts!

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