Deerfield Beach Clean-up: MERMAID POD!


On June 15th, a local, south Florida dive school, Dixie Divers, is hosting their annual DEERFIELD BEACH CLEANUP!  Not only are they officially attempting to break their own Guinness World Record for the largest underwater clean up by SCUBA divers, but the day is full of energy and fun!  

THIS YEAR, we are thrilled to assist our diving friends with our efforts in the cleanup... MERMAID STYLE!  Are you a mermaid?  Join us and make a positive impact on our shorelines!

Please continue below for more details about our participation:


While many of our mermaids are also avid SCUBA divers, for this fun day, our Mermaid Cove Mermaid Pod will be in full support in our mermaid tails!  Our participation in this event is to assist the cleanup with shoreline cleaning (yes, in our feet for this one!) and then enjoy the water with our diving friends in our tails.   

Mermaid Cove will have a tent at the beach for the event - this will be the checkpoint for our pod.  Your registration for the event will also get you a MERMAID GIFT BAG for teaming up with Mermaid Cove!  


Anyone joining Mermaid Cove's Mermaid Pod for the Deerfield Beach Pier Clean-Up should be very comfortable in a tail and have experience swimming in ocean conditions.  Your safety is the priority and you should also ensure that the conditions that day are suitable to your abilities and mermaiding in general.  We recommend masks and snorkels to non-professional mermaids, and part of being in the pod is to ensure you have support as well.  

Additionally, you are required to register with the event directly as a participant - this is $30 - but once you register officially, your participation with Mermaid Cove is free!

Please don't get discouraged if you're not quite ready for ocean mermaiding!  We have a whole year to get you ready for the next one and we'll have meetups along the way.  You can still join us in the clean-up efforts or even choose to be a volunteer for the event!  

Lastly, our most important requirement for your participation is your part in making this a safe, positive and magical experience!  Mermaids are kind and supportive to all mermaids, divers and volunteers - we will join our friends in cleaning the shoreline and shallows in anyway we can.  Once in our tails, we do not interfere with SCUBA divers in any way.  Your Mermaid Pod waiver will ensure you are aware of all mermaiding rules for your safety and our diving friends.


Please read up on the event's history and the information about this years event on the Dixie Divers website - You will fill out the information required and pay the fee in the registration.  To OFFICIALLY register with the Mermaid Cove Mermaid Pod, you need to choose "MERMAID COVE" as the Team.  If you are a certified SCUBA diver go ahead and enter your information - if you are NOT a SCUBA diver, just type in "Mermaid Cove Pod" in the Agency space and "No Number" in the Certification Number space.  Complete the remainder of the registration.  Please then FORWARD us the copy of your confirmation email to - and let us know a little about you!  What sort of tail do you swim in?  What's your Mer-Sona?  We'd love to know how you got into mermaiding!

We're very excited to meet all of our mermaids!  You'll be invited to a closed Facebook group once registered so that you can meet your pod, ask any questions and get your excitement primed!  We're excited to have you, Mermaid!

For more information please contact: - Coordinator: Casey McNutt

EVENT QUESTIONS?  Here's some FAQ's to help you out!

Does our presence count towards the Guinness World Record?

No - Dixie Divers is trying for the most SCUBA divers underwater for the cleanup.  We are joining to support our diving friends and add a little magic to the event!  We will clean with them and then frolic in the sea as we are meant to!

Can I join the pod without registering with Dixie Divers?

YES! However, please understand that we are there to support our friends (not compete with them).  Only merfolk who register for the event with Dixie Divers will receive the free gift bag from Mermaid Cove.  But we invite all Mers out to play and help us with cleaning and celebrating!

I'm a new mermaid, can I join?

Your comfort and experience is ABSOLUTE priority.  There will be a LOT of people in the water and we strongly suggest that if you're new to mermaiding that you consider your safety.  Wear a mask/snorkel, swim mask as well to assist in your comfort.  

What if I'm coming alone?  Will I have anyone to swim with?

YES!  We do REQUIRE that every mermaid has a buddy.  Also, we will follow the "One Up, One Down" rule for all diving.  This means no mer is alone and someone is always has an eye on the diving mermaid.  So, if you come alone, we'll help pair you up!

Can I play with divers?

Nope! There will be ZERO tolerance for "riding" divers or using their air supply on dives.  This is so very important for your safety.  Also, we ask that you keep a 6-10 foot distance from you and divers - the urge to reach out to tug and play with your amazing tail might be too much for some divers and we do not want you to be put in an unsafe situation.


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