SCUBA & Snorkeling Instruction

Female Focused

In a sport long dominated by males, Mermaid Scuba Co. invites you to learn how to dive in a a female focused class without intimidation and with all the fun!  Find an outlet for your passion!

Confidence & Competence

Safety is our #1 priority!  Because of this, your SCUBA course is built to not only make you a competent diver but also give you confidence in your diving.   Adventure awaits you!

Conservation Minded

Without our oceans, we cannot enjoy snorkeling or diving!  That's why every single course integrates lessons in ocean conservation, marine biology, and awareness of our impact.  

About Us



Experience a magical world through snorkeling!  Our SSI Snorkel Course teaches you skills to safely and comfortably.  

SCUBA Diving

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Become a certified SCUBA diver!  Seek adventure beyond the shoreline safely and with confidence.

Mermaid Meetups


The NEW way to take a Girls Trip!  Seek adventure in a group of supportive new friends.  Mermaids have more fun!