SCUBA & Snorkeling Instruction

Female & Family Focused

In a sport long dominated by males, Mermaid Scuba Co. invites you to learn how to dive in a a female focused class without intimidation and with all the fun!  While we offer classes for all ocean-lovers,  see our schedule for Join-In and Mermaids Only courses.  Find an outlet for your passion!

Confidence & Competence

Safety is our #1 priority!  Because of this, your SCUBA course is built to not only make you a competent diver but also give you confidence in your diving.   You CAN make your dreams come true and we're here to show you how!  Adventure awaits you!

Conservation Minded

Without our oceans, we cannot enjoy snorkeling or diving!  That's why every single course integrates lessons in ocean conservation, marine ecology, and awareness of our impact. 

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Mermaid Meetups

SCUBA Diving

Experience a magical world through snorkeling!  Our SSI Snorkel Course teaches you skills to safely and comfortably.  

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SCUBA Diving

Mermaid Meetups

SCUBA Diving

Become a certified SCUBA diver!  Seek adventure beyond the shoreline safely and with confidence.


Mermaid Meetups

Mermaid Meetups

Mermaid Meetups

The NEW way to take a Girls Trip!  Seek adventure in a group of supportive new friends.  Mermaids have more fun!

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Our Training Philosophy & Programs

Welcome to Mermaid Scuba Co.!  Let me introduce myself!  I'm Casey McNutt, owner and operator of Mermaid Cove and Mermaid Scuba Co. here in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  Specifically, I love working with other women and sharing our common love for the ocean and adventure!  Mermaid Scuba Co. was created for female dive clients to have a place to learn this sport while feeling safe and without intimidation.  Check our schedule to see when our female only courses are offered!  This certainly doesn't mean men aren't welcome.  In fact, we're just as excited to offer you an amazing, no-pressure experience!  Our approach to training encourages everyone to give SCUBA a try!  Find the section on Private and Join-In classes in our schedule for all of the options available.

So, if you're an ocean-lover-adventure-seeker, then you've found a sport that will change your life!  Our Scuba philosophy is all about encouragement and inclusiveness - you are entering an environment that humans are not meant to be in naturally.  This takes some getting used to and practice!  We never push you beyond your comfort and we're always focused on your success and experience.  


To make you a little more familiar with the process of becoming Scuba certified, let me outline how this works:

There are 3 main components to taking your course - Academics, Confined Water (pool) Practice, and Open Water Checkout (lake or ocean).  

-Academics are taken online at your leisure along with some really fun videos!  After you are completed with that portion, we will meet for a final class session that introduces us to the equipment and take the final exam.  

-Confined Water Practice is where we finally get WET!  This is the most fun!  You'll learn skills that will make you confident and competent in the water so that you can enjoy everything this big, blue planet has to offer.  

-Open Water Checkout dives become the icing on the cake!!  You will complete at least 4 dives.  We perform our skills to show mastery and experience DIVING!  The best way to become a great diver is to actually DIVE and we'll spend most of our time exploring the reefs and fish practicing for your future adventures.

Mermaid Scuba Co. is a "Valet" style scuba company.  This means that we handle all of the rental and gear hauling for you!  Scuba is an equipment intensive sport and it's important to us that you focus on learning how to be a safe and excited diver - let us handle the heavy lifting and leave you to the important parts!  Also, we're an all-inclusive operation.  There are so many moving parts to a Scuba course!  There's equipment rental, pool rental, park entry fees, air fills, boat fees, etc... We include all of these parts in your price up front and take care of it all for you!


So here's how this works for a schedule - we have 2 options:

Private - entirely on your schedule and created with your needs in mind.  This price ranges from $675 per student for a private group that fills the class allotment (6 adults) to $1250 for one solo diver - just let me know how many students are interested and I'll send you a final quote.

Class Join-In - join a group that is set up in our schedule and you get to make some new diving friends!  This is $675 per student and again is all inclusive.

*NOTE: Your only equipment requirement as a student is to own your own Mask, Snorkel, and Fins.  We do not include parking fees, gratuity for the boat crew, food or other personal expenses.



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