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Let's Have A Party!

Mermaids are our specialty!  And when it’s mermaids, it’s FUN!  Mermaid Cove’s magical party space is the perfect spot for your intimate party.  Our throne room is sweetly small and is comfortable for 6-8 mermaids.  Our team is dedicated to providing you with an outstanding experience for your special day!  We have package add-ons available to customize your party based on your budget and time.  With Mermaid Cove, you’re not on your own - we are here to assist you with decorating and will take care of your clean up so you can continue celebrating without missing a beat!  

Packages & Add-Ons

Our packages are designed to work with any budget and gives you flexibility to book your party at any time and on any day.  In addition to our packages, we offer add-ons to enhance the mer-mazing event you're creating!  Your time is precious and we've got mermaid magic on our speed dial, so let us do all the work for you!  Upgrade any basic rental or party package from our add-on list.  Got a special request or a mermazing idea?  Let us know and we'll work our tails off to make it happen for you!

Our parties can be held during operational hours, but you can also make your event fully private for $100.  

Party Options

For All Reservations: 24 Hour Cancellation policy applies for full deposit refund.